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Office of Research

UTEC Research fosters global engagement by promoting collaborations between researchers at UTEC and their counterparts abroad. UTEC encourages its researchers to collaborate with international peers, both within Peru or abroad, with the aim of developing and launching joint research projects. There are several areas for collaboration that span different sciences and engineering domains and involve worldwide institutions.

For more information about the UTEC Office of Research, visit: https://research.utec.edu.pe.

International Joint Research

UTEC establishes international partnerships worldwide to support global research and fosters international collaboration through competitive research funds and other joint research opportunities such as: • Harvard - UTEC Research Seed Fund (Harvard University), • Cleveland Clinic - UTEC Research Seed Fund (Cleveland Clinic), and • MIT - UTEC Research Seed Fund (Massachusetts lnstitute of Technology)

See the open calls for applying to international research funds here

UTEC Research Faculty

Our 10 Academic Departments and Research Centers aim to become scientific leaders in their fields and to produce social impacts across communities. In addition to our priority areas, research at UTEC is also focused on energy, material sciences, information technology, mechanical and mechatronic systems engineering. We highly encourage the integration of disciplines and the collaboration with leading national and international institutions.

For detailed information about UTEC Research and Multidisciplinary Centers, download Research Brochure 

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Priority Research Areas

UTEC strives to become a key ally in Latin America for research in topics related to our four priority areas: Water and Environment, Bioengineering, Mining, and the Conservation of Historical Heritage.