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Global Opportunities for UTEC Students

By the time they graduate, UTEC students are engaged in a global network, becoming the next generation of world leaders, being able to work across cultures and borders to solve shared global challenges. Thus, the university is committed to creating a comprehensively internationalized student learning experience through meaningful global opportunities and intercultural competency development at UTEC (IaH) and overseas that are unified and integrated into the curriculum.

Likewise, UTEC’s flexible and project-led curriculum aims to provide its students not only with a strong STEAM (STEM + Art) backbone, taught through innovative and dynamic methodologies conducive to deeper and more efficient learning, but also to expose them to real-life challenges from the get-go. The continuous acquisition of business and management skills, as well as professional and “shift” skills will occur through the seamless integration of this content into courses and projects throughout the curriculum. This educational model is focused on five main learning outcomes:

Deep disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge. Analytical reasoning and critical thinking for complex problem solving. Communication and collaboration skills across cultures and disciplines.Ability and will to lead the innovation and change processes. Ethically and socially responsible thinking and acting, both in local and global context.

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Mundo del Futuro

From the first year of studies, undergraduate students address global challenges and the SDGs from their classroom, which starts with the Global Challenges course (1st year) and continues throughout their university careers working in interdisciplinary teams at applied projects called PIs (Transdisciplinary Projects), both mandatory in UTEC curriculum.

Likewise, UTEC raises awareness and involves its community in the Global Challenges through Mundo del Futuro (World of the Future), an extra curricular platform that seeks to generate a transdisciplinary understanding of the challenges associated to SDG’s, which corresponds to a Global citizenship. This proposal consists of a sequence of face-to-face and virtual interventions that allow the community to explore the role and responsibility of engineering and technology in the construction of a more inclusive and sustainable world.

The world, your classroom

Students’ Global Opportunities at home and worldwide span various topics and programs developed and promoted by the Internationalization Office which include: